Strawbale - Discovery

I must give extreme props to my friend James Brylowski for his Solid Porcupine. Here he is on the left...I couldn't get a picture of his Solid Porcupine.

Over the last 1 to 1.5 years, james has been working on his own video/photography company called Solid Porcupine. James is also the fella that made the video for our wedding, and instead of one of those 5 hour long grainy nightmarish wedding videos, he compacted it into a funny, fast moving 20 minute one.

Right now James is preparing to go to the Cayman Islands to shoot some beach footage for something or other, and has recently spent time in Honduras and Nicaragua shooting some promotional videos for Intercontinental Hotels. He really gets around.

The Real Discovery

James recently came to our house to get some footage of strawbale construction and then went to interview Ben Polley of Harvest Homes and put it all together for a short downloadable movie for The Discovery Channel entitled Strawbale - Discovery. Its just a little basic knowledge about strawbale construction but highly entertaining.

Do you want to see this video?

Go to Solid Porcupine and then to the video section and click on Strawbale Discovery.

Good work and thanks James!

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